Mars is Bright

The night is still young
The wind is still free
I make love to the very desire
But Mars is bright tonight.

The warmth of the clasp.
The warmth of her breath.
So close to my heart,
So close to me,
But like the Tree and the Mist,
We think not of the Day.

Up there in the sky
The moon nestles among the clouds
She points it out
I see and smile
And we both see Mars
It's unusually bright tonight.

Up there in the sky
Mars shines bright tonight
Red, like the unseen future
Red, like the unspoken passion
Red, like the wild hope and belief
Red, like a single glistening tear
I see Hope and Belief in it.
It's dark, I can't read her eyes,
But her hands hold me tighter.

I cannot read her eyes tonight
I cannot read her mind.
The words are but a jumble
But the laugh, a merry rivulet.
I know her warmth,
I feel her warmth,
Red, like a kiss.
Red, like Mars.
Mars shines bright tonight.

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