That Old Cafe

Back to the old café
Back to the old path
Down the old buildings
That wind by the sea
That wind in her hair
Hair across her face
Hair across her smile
And I melt.

Back to the old café
The seats by the window
Or the ones in the corner
The plateful of rice
Or noodles, or just a pizza
Or maybe two cups of coffee
As we lie on the sofa
The warm fuzzy coffee
In that old café
She is cuddling up to me,
And I melt.

Back to the old café
And then back to the old sea
Eternally new to us
And we get drunk
On each other’s presence.
She looks at me
And then at the sea
And then back at me again.
She whispers
She speaks
I listen
And then she speaks some more
She laughs
And hugs
Sighs and just rests her head
On my shoulder

She is. I am.
We live as complete.

Back to the old place
Back to the old lane
Curving down the memory
Back to the old café
I reach the usual haunt
But she is still on her way.
I call her up
She picks it up
And speaks.
I ask her to hurry.
She smiles on the phone…
And I melt.

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