Wind Is Mine

My soul, ready and eager to fly
I stand on the edge of a cliff
I look below, the miniscule world squints back at me…
Wind brings me back to reality.

It is not hostile, for it’s Lord is mine.
I see no dominance, for it is my kin.
I feel no humility, for there’s none.
I face the strength, which resides in me.

At the brink of life and death
I am a free being
My soul has already broken free of the chains
It now rules the sky with the wind.

My hands outspread, Eyes closed
I cry out to the Spirit of Life
I cry out to the Angel of Death
I beg for eternal freedom

I am nothing now
For I’m as light as the faintest wisp of cloud
I am One now
To have achieved Oneness with the Wind

Almighty, make me yours
I have nothing to fear
Death brings no despair
For I’ve made love to the Wind.


  1. hey , u better be a some author or a poet ...
    how could u write something so good..
    well done

  2. wy r u in engg.............u shd hv taken up smthng in literature.........neways..........congo fr ur marvels.....keep up the gud wrk..........