Can I Sell You the Road?

Can I sell you the blue sky?
Can I sell you the rainbow?
Now that I'm indoors all day,
I don't really seem to need them any more.

What with all the walls around me,
Can I sell you the birds that fly?
Pigeons, whom I loathe? Sparrows, whom I love?
Can I sell you the green trees
Which hide the world from me?
Can I sell you their heights?
What with the continuous ascent
of my Dreams, Hopes and Aspirations..
their heights don't seem anything to me anymore.
Can I sell you my arrogance?

Will you buy the gloom that visits me?
On those dark evenings?
Will you hold the Blue Joy which stays here, always?
Don't buy it. I need it.
I'll buy Smiles from you. I need them all.

The words bring life to my thoughts.
The music brings life to these words.
And I think of selling off
the unwanted part of my world to you.
I have no use for broken ambitions,
Wasted dreams and Slow paths.
I need the Fire and I need Wind.
I don't need You.
I'll buy all that I need from you.
And I'll sell off my unwanted world to you.

I won't sell Myself off.
There's so much more to me than that.
I'm full of Laughter and Love.
I'm full of Sunshine and Hope.
I'm full of Vigor and Clarity.
But still I'll sell off those chinks in my armor.

I'll sell off the Smiles
which don't make me happy any more.
I'll sell off the Hugs
which don't make me warm.
I'll keep the frowns of those I love.
I'll keep the blows of those I love.

Easy to wave off the Blue Sky
Not easy to light a candle in the dark..
Can I sell you my worthless poetry?
Can I sell you my incompetence?
Incompetence, only if there is any.
Can I sell you my arrogance again?

I'll sell off the Sunshine.
Because I need to light my room..
It has been dark for long.
I'll sell off the unimportant Moon.
I need my Room to stay awake at night.
Can I sell you my musings?
Ones which make me stumble?

Can I sell you my wasted time?
Can I sell you those wasted conversations?
I'll buy your mind, I'll buy your travels.
I need my mind, I need my travels.
Can I sell you my Myopia?
I need to build my Future.

Leaving on a Sail Boat,
I'll buy the wind, I'll buy the Sails,
My Will is the Rudder.
Can I sell you my past?
I don't need it.
I have the bits I need.
Rest, buy it off me.

Can I sell you the Road?
Not the one I'm standing on.
The one I built yesterday, for us.
Now we have our own destinies.
As she had rightly said-
"Everyone is going to take
their different paths some day.."
Can I sell you the Road?
Can I sell you the finer feelings?
I don't need them any more..

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